1 Year Guarantee

Rockfish, introducing our sister brand. Brightboot is the worlds first 360 degree hi visibility waterproof safety boot. Brightboot is an EN ISO 20345: 2011, S5 HI CI HRO SRA safety boot.  Visibility has been enhanced by combining background fabrics and retro-reflective elements that are compliant to the tests performed for EN ISO 20471: 2013 (Yellow & Orange) & RIS 3279 TOM Issue 1 (Orange) and EN1150: 1999 (Pink). Brightboot delivers fresh innovative thinking to offer measurable differentiation and benefits unlike any other product on the market; it’s clear points of difference being 360 degree hi visibility in low light, daylight and at night (under an illuminated source).

  • BSIF Registered Safety Supplier
  • 360 degree hi-visibility in daylight, lowlight and at night
  • Product compliant to EN ISO 20345: 2011, S5 HI CI HRO SRA
  • Hi- visibility materials tested to meet EN ISO 20471 RIS3279-TOM
  • 100% non-metallic construction, anti-magnetic
  • Kevlar, anti-penetration flexible midsole, conforms to EN 12568
  • Certified to ISO 20344:2011, anti-static
  • Fully waterproof (WR) to the top of the boot
  • Heat resistant outsole to 300 degrees centigrade (HRO)
  • Abrasion (certified to ISO 20344:2011) and slip resistant outsole (SRA)
  • 5 mm neoprene sock liner, thermally insulating and certified to - 50 degrees centigrade (C I)
  • Fibre glass toe cap, non-conductive of current or temperature, conforms to EN 12568
  • Heat insulation to 150 degrees centigrade (HI). Resistant to fuel oil and hydrocarbons
  • Resistant to vegetable oils and fats, oleic acid
  • 2 mm air mesh, moisture wicking fibre network, transports saturated air, away from the foot
  • Contoured insole, providing superior wearer comfort, shock absorbing heel region
  • Anti-entanglement pull-on loop
  • Kick off spur to aid boot removal. 3M retro-reflective tape (solid)
  • Jet washer proof
  • Reduced wearer fatigue
  • Vegan friendly