Here at Rockfish Wellies HQ, we wanted to share some secrets on how our boots are made.
 Firstly our natural Rockfish Wellies rubber comes from sustainable sources using traditional techniques, collecting the sap into small bowls. The plantations are inspected regularly to ensure continual replenishment of trees.

 The collected rubber is mixed with Rockfish Wellies secret ingredients creating that Rockfish formula. The colouring is added and the rubber is then rolled, rolled, rolled some more, ready to be cut into various pieces and applied to the last. Did you know a pair of Ladies Wellies is made from 28 different parts?

 Our glue contains no animal product. This means Rockfish Wellies are suitable for vegans! 

 The lining for the Rockfish Wellington boots is made from quality fabric, fully branded and ensures ease when putting on and helps when taking off. Also remember Rockfish has Neoprene lined boots for men and women.

 Rockfish Wellies have cleated sole for extra grip, please note, all by hand.

As you can see this pair of our new Black Cherry rubber boots are coming together. The Rockfish Wellies rubber pieces are attached to the last ready for baking.
 After a period of time in the oven (Vulcanisation Chamber), Rockfish wellington boots are almost complete. As you can see these Ladies wellies are shiny and part of our gloss boot range. 

All that has to be done now, is a quick test, trim and finally packaged into our fully recyclable packaging ready for you to wear. 

Mentioned earlier, Rockfish Wellies are suitable for Vegans, we use no animal products in our boots.