Horse & Hound Approved: ROCKFISH Walkabout Neoprene-Lined Wellington Boots

Horse & Hound Approved: ROCKFISH Walkabout Neoprene-Lined Wellington Boots

I’ll start by saying these Rockfish Walkabout wellies exceeded my expectations. They are definitely workmanlike as wellies go – built for long days on your feet at the yard in bad weather. When I took them out the box I immediately noticed how much heavier they felt compared to other wellies I had tested recently (Le Chameau Vierzonords and Ariat insulated Burfords). I was cautious to try them, but actually as soon as they were on I didn’t notice that I was carrying more weight on my feet. My feet also felt more secure and protected than they did in the Le Chameaus as the outer material is thicker and more rigid. 
May 14, 2022 — Katie Clayton
More than just a welly: How Rockfish transformed the workday at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

More than just a welly: How Rockfish transformed the workday at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Working outside with animals is never as easy as it looks – especially when you’re also battling the cold winter weather!

At the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, a rescue haven for seal pups and resident seals that can no longer live in the wild, the animal care team often faces working in wet and freezing conditions, which means high-quality outdoor wear is an absolute must.

April 22, 2022 — Jules Aldred
Review Rockfish Groundhog Wellingtons by The Review Smiths

Review Rockfish Groundhog Wellingtons by The Review Smiths

Rockfish was founded in 2003 and is a family run business that is based at an organic farm in Cornwall, spending much of their time in wellingtons boots and having been let down by other brands they set out to create their own.

Inspired by the local coastline, ocean, the granite terrain and large amounts of mud on the farm, they had the perfect setting to test out their range. The Groundhog boots have been created with natural rubber and the Rockfish formulation that aims to ensure the rubber doesn’t perish prematurely. This particular boot has been produced to thrive in liveries and stables yards but of course it isn’t limited to that environment and are suitable for gardeners, walkers, campers and fishermen. The Groundhog boots are fully vegan, and Rockfish are even attempting to ensure all their materials are sustainable, recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable alternatives by 2023.

March 11, 2022 — Jules Aldred
Rockfish Walkabout neoprene-lined wellington boots *Horse & Hound Approved*

Rockfish Walkabout neoprene-lined wellington boots *Horse & Hound Approved*

I’ll start by saying these Rockfish Walkabout wellies exceeded my expectations. They are definitely workmanlike as wellies go – built for long days on your feet at the yard in bad weather. When I took them out the box I immediately noticed how much heavier they felt compared to other wellies I had tested recently. I was cautious to try them, but actually as soon as they were on I didn’t notice that I was carry more weight on my feet. My feet also felt more secure and protected than they did in the Le Chameaus as the outer material is thicker and more rigid.
March 11, 2022 — Jules Aldred

7 Cornish walks to get your wellies dirty

Forget cliché Bucket List destinations and add these welly-testing treats to your welly-list of dreams! From coastal wanders to countryside strolls, experience our home county of Cornwall in all it’s historic glory.


1. Hawkers Cove to Stepper Point – 2 Miles

Overlooking the sea and the Camel Estuary, there’s a chance to go over some uneven terrain, but options for fairly smooth and firm paths are available. If you have limited accessibility or are a wheelchair user and are looking to experience the fantastic views Cornwall has to offer, this could be the walk for you!


2. St Newlyn East and Lappa Valley – 3.6 Miles

Start your walk in the village of St Newlyn East before descending down into the Lappa Valley, where you’ll follow a bubbling stream along the ochre-stained riverbed. The circular walk crosses the long-unused old Perranporth railway, and brings you back into the lovely village through a small ditch that your ROCKFISH wellies will have no problem dealing with!


3. Godrevy to Hell’s Mouth – 5 Miles

A beautiful way to see Godrevy Lighthouse, this walk will give you unforgettable views of the sea below, plus don’t miss the seal colony and a peek at the surfers braving the waves. To beat the crowds we recommend visiting in the winter, but be sure to bring a pair of Neoprene Lined wellies.


4. Bude Canal and Coast – 3.9 Miles

Doing a figure of eight walk, this stroll takes you along both coast and canal path and treats you to an ambundance of wildlife along with beautiful sights, shops and cafes in the seaside resort of Bude. Suitable for all types of walkers, take your time to enjoy the sights around you.


5. King’s Wood and Pentewan – 3.2 Miles

A chance to really get your wellies dirty in wetter weathers, this circular walk takes you along the valley floor shaded by beautiful trees and other wildlife before coming out to the sandy beaches of Pentewan where your Grounhog Wellington Boot can keep your feet protected if you decide on a little shallow paddle!


6. Perranporth Beach – 2 Miles

Wanting to wander across the beautiful sands Cornwall has to offer? Try Perranporth beach. With miles of coast to view, this beach is easily accessible from the village and is a great place to stretch your legs and smell the sea air. Wearing your ROCKFISH wellies will be sure to keep your feet dry and clean for however long you stroll.


7. Watergate Bay to Porth – 3.6 Miles

Starting on over a mile of beach, make sure to time this walk right, as the crossing beaches at Zacry’s Island are underwater except around 2 hours either side of low tide! Once you reach the steps at Whipsiderry, there is no pressure for the rest of the walk. Along with the beach walk, you’ll be enjoying the coast path with panoramic sights over Watergate Bay. But we think that the views you experience from this walk are worth the trouble, and highly recommend wearing our Neoprene Lined Walkabout wellies to ensure your feet stay toasty and dry!

We know we’re biased when we say that Cornwall is the most beautiful place on earth, but with the worldwide attractions, breathtaking views and welcoming locals, it’s definitely a popular holiday destination. We’re just lucky enough to call it home.

Born in Cornwall and worn around the world, our wellies have been perfected here, and the Cornish terrain is the perfect place for you to put your ROCKFISH wellies to the test.

February 09, 2022 — Matt Jones

Puppy Power! 10 Top Tips to better walks with your pooch

You never think that you’d need tips on how to walk your furry companion, but one walk through the park in your lovely new pumps later and you realise that, maybe mud, puddles and pooches aren’t the best combination for your trainers.

As dog lovers ourselves, we’ve been there, done that, and back then had wished that someone had guided us on the things you actually need for walking your dog. So, here we are, combining our top recommendations on what you need for a safe, comfortable and fun dog walking experience.


Dog Tags

Microchipping your dog is now a legal requirement in the UK, but did you know that having a dog tag is too? Having a tag on the collar can help someone identify your wandering doggo and to give you a call straight away, reuniting you both! There’s no need to put your full details, or even your fur babys name – Just a phone number will do! There’s a good selection of Dog Tags available on the Dogs Trust website, which means you’d be helping give other dogs a better life as well!


Paw Cleaning

We’ve all had it happen to us before – tried to keep our dogs on the nice, clean path, avoiding any puddles and mud, but somehow they always manage to find that one mudbath… But you can be prepared with the Paw Buddy! Easy to use and small enough to fit in your walking bag, muddy pawprints over your freshly cleaned floor is a worry of the past! And it’s a multifunctioning tool, with a comb on one side for you to be able to detangle the longer fur and to get the mud and debris off your dogs’ coat.


Neoprene Lined Wellies

Does your dog drag you out at crack of dawn to just sniff around and take ages to do their business? You might as well stand around in lovely warm wellies that look fantastic on the city streets OR in country mud. Our Groundhog Wellington Boots are built with your comfort in mind. Keeping your feet warm in temperatures as low as -25°C, you’ll be happy to stroll for as long as your canine wishes!

If you’d like to learn more about the great benefits Neoprene lined wellies has to offer, check out our previous blog!



Dog seeming to have endless energy and you’re struggling to keep up? Us too. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a frisbee on hand! Usable in most open spaces (just make sure it’s secure and your dog has good recall!), the Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper can get some serious air-time and have your dog bounding around having a blast. It can even float on water, so if you’re looking at getting into some water agility with your pooch, this toy is a solid choice that won’t be breaking any windows.


LED Collar Attachment

Whatever the time of year or time of day is, if your dog wants to go, you got to go! To add some safety and visibility to the darker walks, we recommend you get some form of LED for your walking gear. Attaching this Soft Blinker to your dog’s collar can increase the visibility and let you really see where they are and what they’re up to. If that’s a wander through the park, down the street, or even a quick trip outside to the back garden!


Dog Waste Bags

Love your community and love your planet by picking up your dog’s waste when out for your walk. Over at Beco, they’ve created an ecofriendly choice for cleaning up after your pooch, with strong Poop Bags made out of cornstarch! And the packaging the rolls come in is fully recyclable too, letting you feel good about the bags you pick up poop in!


Wellington Socks

Whatever the weather, your dog needs a walk, and you want to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Bridgedale to design and engineer socks made specifically for wellie wear! Our Performance Knee High Wellington Boot Socks are designed to keep your feet smelling fresh and looked after with reinforcement in critical areas. And to make the deal even sweeter, you can now get a pair FREE with a purchase of any of our tall wellington boots! Now your feet will be looked after in style.



Letting your dog run off lead can be pretty scary when you lose sight of them, even if they’re only innocently sniffing a bush. To avoid the gut-wrenching anxiety of not having your dog in your immediate vision, why not get a tracking system you can add to their collar. Highly popular for it’s accurate directions, the Apple AirTag can be securely attached to a collar or harness with a simple accessory and it’s long lasting battery can give you peace of mind on all your wanders.


Water Bowl and Bottle

Wherever you walk, it’s always best to be prepared, especially in the hot summer months! Having water at hand is always a great start, but where are you going to pour it? We recommend having this handy Wild & Woofy Dog Travel Water Bottle & Bowl with you on every walk! Small and able to be clipped to your belt loops, keep your dog well hydrated and as healthy as can be!


Dog Whistle

Have you wanted to take your training to the next level? A dog whistle might be an option for you! Giving your dog a sharp, clear tone to hear, the Company of Animals Dog Whistle is also lightweight and very simple to use – just blow! Now you and your dog can work on recall and take your companionship to new heights


And something a little extra…


Boot Care

To keep your ROCKFISH Wellingtons pose ready for all your doggy adventure snaps, we highly recommend having a bottle of Grangers Rubber Boot Care at hand. A spray on product that restores the appearance of rubber, it’s as simple as spray on, wipe off and buff in!

When out on your next walk, make sure to share a snap of your prized hound alongside your ROCKFISH wellies and our other recommendations! #rockfishrockstar 

February 09, 2022 — Matt Jones

Our Top 5 Dirty Welly Walks

Time to get those wellies dirty, fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy some of the finest UK scenery.


1 – Three Cliffs Bay, Wales 4.5 Miles From Parkmill 

You won’t be disappointed with the spectacular views of these cliffs in Wild Mid Wales.  Start off this circular walk at Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill and finish with a well deserved cake and drink in the Heritage Centre where you started your walk. The perfect opportunity to get your Walkabout Wellingtons out and about to enjoy the Welsh coastline – made to be worn on all forms of outdoor adventures, the Walkabout wellies are made with supreme comfort in mind!


2 – Rydal and Grasmere, Lake District, England – 6 Miles

This circular walk begins and ends at Rydal, where one of the founders of English Romanticism Poetry William Wordsworth lived. Time this walk for autumn to fully experience the amazing yellows and oranges reflecting into the water as you stroll by.  Keep your feet dry, comfortable and warm, by taking your Groundhog Wellingtons with you – Neoprene lined to ensure the greatest comfort with cold protection, tested and certified up to -25°C… so paddling and stone skimming are definitely on the agenda.


3 – Denny Wood, New Forest – 5 Miles

Another one for your autumn to do list, in the historic New Forest National Park, with bellowing deer and New Forest ponies around, take a moment to appreciate the natural world around you in all it’s glory. Beginning at Denny Wood campsite, this circular walk will take you past a former royal hunting lodge, with a few enclosures dotted throughout your stroll.


4 -  Twice Brewed Inn and Sycamore Gap, Northumberland, England – 2.5 Miles

A stirringly beautiful walk, the soft rolling hills invite you to really enjoy the peace here. A circular wonder, it’s a great way to see the landscape without having to go too far off the beaten track, and our Adjustable Wellingtons are the perfect footwear choice, keeping your feet clean and dry as you stroll through this beautiful landscape.


5 – Lock Katrine, Scotland – 5.2 Miles

Settled in the heart of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, this tranquil stroll along the eastern shoreline of Loch is another breathtaking addition to our list. Listen to the soft whispers of the wind through the forest next to you as you watch the water lap at the shoreline – a perfectly relaxing walk in the Scottish Highlands.



ROCKFISH may be based down in Cornwall, which has some fantastic coastal walks for you to enjoy, but with the rest of the countries beautiful landscapes for you to explore, we think there’s plenty of places for you to enjoy your wellies.

February 09, 2022 — Matt Jones

What's the deal with Neoprene?

‘Neo-what?’ No matrix glitches to be found here - our handy guide will tell you all about why you need Neoprene Lined Wellies in your life! #WellyGeek #AndProud


Neoprene is a synthetic form of rubber and is more durable than its traditional counterpart. Very resistant to extreme conditions, it’s considered (not just by us!) to be a good choice for an outdoor boot.

Traditionally non-traditional

We’ve all seen the traditional design of a full rubber welly boot, right? Here at ROCKFISH, all our rubber is handcrafted and 100% natural.  From rubber trees, instead of using petroleum products using natural rubber means it’s extremely waterproof and has high resilience, with a better eco footprint – perfect for your wellies! Our Matt Adjustable Wellingtons uses traditional welly design but is made from a more sustainable material.


Whilst rubber is waterproof, neoprene manages to one-up-it – by being highly flexible as well! Without losing any of its water repelling abilities, neoprene offers wearers great flexibility. Some worry neoprene would leak, but actually it’s the material you’d find used in a wetsuit! So rest assured, when you’re wearing our Groundhog Wellington Boot, you’ll be dry and warm on your walk!



Warm toasty toes

There’s nothing worse than cold feet! Frozen mornings are dreaded, and you’d be forgiven for thinking how you’d rather be wrapped up in bed than out-and-about for early dog duty.


Neoprene lined boots offer you real warmth. Giving superb insulation to the wearer, and the fact that it is waterproof means that neoprene will resist water and improves durability. Our flexible Neoprene Lined Boots offer you warmth in temperatures down to -20°C whilst still keeping your feet nice and toasty, and most importantly - dry!



Happy Feet

Here at ROCKFISH, we’ve made sure our wellies are comfy for all outdoor activities including dog walks and country pursuits. Our boots have been tried and tested in our home county of Cornwall and worn across the world.  Made to last and offer the wearer the best possible wellington boot! If you’d like some suggestions as to where you can put your wellies to the test, check out our blog on 7 Cornish Walks to get your wellies dirty!


Including neoprene in our designs has allowed us to take a selection of our boots to the next level! For example, our Walkabout Wellington Boots are built with performance flex enhanced materials and designed with premium insole comfort in mind. We want you to be the most comfortable you’ve ever been in wellies! There’s even an abrasion resistant inner heel protector built in to keep your feet happy whilst out in any weather, all day long!


February 09, 2022 — Matt Jones
WIN a pair of Rockfish 'MADE TO LAST' Boots just in time for Valentine's Day❣️

WIN a pair of Rockfish 'MADE TO LAST' Boots just in time for Valentine's Day❣️

WIN a pair of Rockfish 'MADE TO LAST' Boots just in time for Valentine's Day Like and follow Rockfish on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and share to enter the draw to WIN a pair Short Matt Wellies £69.99 as sold at Fat Face with Free delivery. Want to shop Rockfish at Fat Face? 👉 #Rockfish…/rockfish-short-matt-…/930505.html… suitable for standard and wide calf fit. Closes 6pm, 28 January. 🌱Vegan Friendly products.

A few fantastic Rockfish Wellies wearers, Thank you all for your wonderful Pictures.

Rockfish Welly wearers, featured here on our very own blog.